Well, gosh!

We both tested positive for Covid and have been in isolation for three days.

After some serious thinking we have decided to not continue cruising.

We have been fully vaccinated and have both boosters yet we get Covid. Are we ever going to beat this virus?

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5 Responses to Well, gosh!

  1. Mary Garland says:

    Wow.. a hurricane and covid. Hope u both test negative soon. You are both in our thoughts.

  2. Jenifer Wilson says:

    Unfortunately cruising seems to be a Covid incubator still. I know 2 couples that are fully vaccinated and boosted who got Covid cruising. Darn it!!!🤬

  3. Patti Temple says:

    I don’t think we’ll beat this virus any more than we’ll beat the flu. The Covid vaccines, like the flu vaccine, could prevent, or could lessen the effects, but will never stop the virus 100%. I get a flu vaccine every year, but still occasionally catch the flu. I’ve always figured the Covid vaccine will be the same. I do hope the vaccines lessen the symptoms for you both, and that you both feel better soon!! Love you!

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