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What’s going on?

Awareness. Let me say a few thing. I have IBM Disease and worked in IT professionally for 20 years but supported the places I worked with IT since 1982 and messed around with Commodore and Apple iiE. So I am … Continue reading

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Kicked off a flight

In November 2022 we were removed from a flight from Seattle to Bellingham because my chair weighed 21 pounds more than the allowed limit. This did not sit well with me and I have been campaigning for changes ever since. … Continue reading

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Covid is no joke. After spending six days in the hospital I was discharged on November 22. The pneumonia made me very weak but the excellent care helped me recover. We’ve been home and being very careful but are starting … Continue reading

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It’s been a while

We were diagnosed with Covid on November 10, had to figure a way home, Miami instead of Fort Lauderdale, get to Miami, get on the plane, get to Seattle and then get pulled from our Seattle to Bellingham flight because … Continue reading

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Well, gosh!

We both tested positive for Covid and have been in isolation for three days. After some serious thinking we have decided to not continue cruising. We have been fully vaccinated and have both boosters yet we get Covid. Are we … Continue reading

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Cartagena, Colombia

The port has built a beautiful restaurant, store and wildlife sanctuary right at the entrance and no more than a quarter of a mile from the ship. Today’s ramps were the best yet and a pleasure to use. I’m going … Continue reading

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Half Moon Cay, Oranjestad and Willemstad

Half moon cay looked beautiful…..from the ship. This was a tendered port where only those passengers who could walk several steps and negotiate a step were able (allowed) to use the tender. But, like I said it was beautiful. Oranjestad … Continue reading

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Hello Fort Lauderdale

We stayed on Eurodam, had to change cabins but no problems experienced. I’m sitting on the top deck looking out a window, sitting in the sun and enjoying Florida. We leave in just a bit for our western Caribbean and … Continue reading

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Aruba and beyond

We were able to get of and back on the ship without any difficulty. The crew did a great job. Aruba is a friendly country and bills itself as “One friendly Island” Keller Williams let us use their Wi-Fi. This … Continue reading

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Well, it happened!

We got off the ship in Puerto Quetzal, toured the town (vendors) and saw some iguanas. As we came down the ramp into town I commented on how steep it was. On the way back to the ship I encountered … Continue reading

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