Half Moon Cay, Oranjestad and Willemstad

Half moon cay looked beautiful…..from the ship. This was a tendered port where only those passengers who could walk several steps and negotiate a step were able (allowed) to use the tender.

But, like I said it was beautiful.

Half Moon Cay

Oranjestad was much easier this time. The ramp was nice and the little bit of wind helped cool us off.


Willemstad, Curaçao ramp was a little steep going out so I suggested they lift the ramp and extend it. They did and getting back on the ship was much better.

Willemstad is a cute town with a pontoon bridge that swings open for boats and closed for pedestrians. We enjoyed our visit and the sights were beautiful.

Did I mention there was a fort?

Our next stop is Cartagena, Colombia and a short walk from the ship is a small salt water aquarium fed by the sea as well as wild macaws in the trees. I’ll let you know how it is and what we encounter.

Our room, an ambulatory accessible room, continues to be the best fully accessible room we’ve been in.

Since showering is a problem, a chair was provided but is unstable, I had a haircut and a sea salt exfoliation. They gave me a $50 voucher so I think a pedicure is next. Ruby is also going to have a pedicure. I may also have a manicure.

This cruising life is great.

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3 Responses to Half Moon Cay, Oranjestad and Willemstad

  1. Mary Garland says:

    We are so happy you both are having a great time. Enjoy all the sights and warm sunny weather 😎. Snow ❄ forcast here tonight! Wish we were sitting on your balcony with you guys! Love J & M

  2. Jenifer Wilson says:

    Great pictures! So glad you’re having a wonderful time and enjoying the sights and weather. 🥰

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