Well, it happened!

We got off the ship in Puerto Quetzal, toured the town (vendors) and saw some iguanas.

As we came down the ramp into town I commented on how steep it was.

On the way back to the ship I encountered difficulties with the steep ramp. There was a carpet to make it easier. It did not. Then they thought turning the carpet over would make it easier. It did not. Then they thought carpet further up the ramp would make it easier. It did no but I did crinkle it up nicely.

I tried five or six times. And I said the ramp is too steep. They wanted to carry me and push the chair up in freewheel mode. I said no.

They wanted to transfer me to a manual chair, push me up and freewheel my chair up. Nope.

After each suggestion I said they needed to bring their spare portable ramps down and lengthen the ramp to make it less steep.

The staff said they had no other ramps. I said we’ve seen them. They are portable and about six feet long and will work perfectly.

We don’t have one. Finally a more senior staff person and another more senior staff person showed up and told the deck staff to go get the Alaska ramp.

Then I went up the ramp.

I also spoke with the senior officer in charge of ramps and he agree that the extension will be used anytime the ramp is as steep as it was today.

It took almost an hour to resolve what could have been taken care of in ten minutes.

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2 Responses to Well, it happened!

  1. I’m appreciating your trip blog! I hope you continue to have good weather and fun.
    I sent a text today 10/27. All is well. Very windy and wet😀👍

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