Things we use to make life easier

Time out bench, mattress genie, RAM Mount cup holder, stainless steel straws with rubber tips so I can recline my chair and get back up.

We use the time out bench to ear at normal height tables. I can’t lift my arms well and this helps.

We also use a bed genie to raise me to a sitting position. My core muscles have become weaker.

Here’s the tool we created so I can operate the joystick after reclining and raise myself back up. This helps me be a bit more independent.

It’s a 15 inch stainless steel straw. The rubber pieces are used on pencils by arthritics and others who need a better grip on their pencil.

RAM mounts makes all kinds of mounts for just about anything. Here’s my cup holder. it’s on a gimbal mount.

Like I said in another post, we adapt and change so we can live life better.

This post is from Puerto Vallarta. Cruising gives me a lot of independence but I can never be shy about asking for help.

Choose happiness and choose to be kind. My disease could depress me (well, sometimes it does) but a good attitude beats being angry all the time. I don’t ask WHY because I will never know. But I can control my attitude.

Hope this helps.

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