Presidential Inauguration

Our request for inauguration tickets was approved. We just made reservations to be in Washington, DC for five days. We are going to be staying at the Watergate. There will be a scooter waiting at the hotel and we should be able to see a few museums as well as the inauguration.

All of our details have been worked out with Alaska Air including seat upgrades to Premium class. Traveling with my disability will be a bit of a challenge but we will make it happen.

I graduated from WWU with a degree in Political Science and have never been to DC. I have worked as a registered lobbyist and worked with some amazing people, including Al Swift when the organization where I was the executive director helped create the PACE program (now Nexus).

I was also the treasurer for Lloyd Cooney’s US Senate campaign.

There is even a picture of me somewhere holding a gold shovel at the groundbreaking for the Bellingham cruise terminal and train station.

I have had an interesting work life, essentially two careers. Politics and government was my first and probably most interesting. The last 19 as an IT director was probably the most difficult — some of you know I am talking about you or someone you know.

I am excited to see a presidential inauguration and to stay at the historic Watergate Hotel.

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