Making the most of my life!

This year has been full of challenges, from my legs getting worse to work being more challenging because some people are pushing the envelope of what three of us can do even if I was physically able to do more things.

I’ve been paying for a disability insurance that is making the possibility of an early disability retirement very possible.

We are running the numbers, working through the scenarios and will let everyone know when we have come to a decision.  But, at this time things are looking promising.

I have applied for and been granted disabled status on our bus system.  I can even take my scooter.  We are going to go to the transit agency and practice using the scooter later this spring or early in the summer.

I’ve been documenting my work, passwords and other stuff in preparation for leaving…….

We’ll see what happens.

PS – we are going to work the KPMG women’s open at Sahalee this June.  The organizers say they can accommodate my scooter.

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