Marching On!

Mom came and went — after about 2 and a half weeks. She spent the first five days with her friends in the Seattle area and while there she called to say how happy she was that she was able to come up. She is happier.

We had a good time with her, sharing Ruby’s grandson Lucas with her, going to dinner, and having a wonderful lunch with my Aunt — Patty Temple — and my sister, Julie and her husband Mark.

Mom’s sister — Rae Ann — came and visited and, in general, Mom enjoyed all of her visits.

She is beginning to heal and beginning to enjoy life without Dad — something that I thought may have been impossible. She misses him everyday but she is learning how to cope and learning that she can do things she wants to do and not feel guilty doing them.

It seems like I only write about Mom and Dad but I have other thoughts as well…….. and they will likely be written about some other time.

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