And, February is here!

It seems like a day goes by where things are great and then they aren’t.

I talked to Mom on January 28.  She was sad because my little brother Michael would have been 40 that day.  She was sad because Jeffery’s birthday was in two days, the birthday of our beloved dog, Rexford King Alscott, had been on the 27th.  Her birthday was fast approaching — and the confirmation of Dad’s cancer on her birthday — and, then it was going to be the anniversary of Dad’s surgery and the roller coaster ride that we are on was starting to go faster and the ups and downs of the ride were getting higher and lower.

Mom was crying.  She was happy that she had stuck to her budget.  She had enjoyed some friends when they had invited her to dinner and she was going along pretty well.  Then the end of January hit her.

She misses her family, she misses close friends she has in Washington, she doesn’t want to leave her friends in Arizona, but I felt like she could use a break.  So, mom is coming to visit Ruby and I on February 9th.  She will stay until February 26th.

I told her that the plane fare could be her birthday present as well as mine if she made me a Black Forest cake.  And, so the deal was made.

Family is important.

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1 Response to And, February is here!

  1. Mandi says:

    You are a great son, and Ruby is great for loving your family as well. So happy to see you are helping mom through this hard time. I just booked spring break to fly down and see my folks. I can be having the worst time of things and all I have to do is see their faces, get a hug, have my dad say “hi Sue Sue” and all is right in the world.

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